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Affiliate Support

Affiliate Support

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1, Brand support
The unified Chuanyi logo and M image assisted in the store site and on-site inspection. The location and area of ​​the storefront provided no plan, and the well provided the construction guidance, sample installation guidance, and the guidance of the soft environment of the store.
The annual brand promotion project maintains close contact with major high-end media in the country and is committed to reluctant brand awareness.
2, Training support
The technical staff of the construction team throughout the process.
The construction manual and construction CD are used for study, and the technical team is provided with technical guidance.
3. Management operation support
The distribution partner held the guidance and implementation of major marketing activities such as the anniversary of the celebration, the fifth, the first and the first.
Chuanyi diatom mud exclusive construction tools: improve work efficiency, construction convenience increased by 50%.
Chuanyi provided high-quality product material support, policy support and quality service to the agents. Help your success.
4. Regional protection and rebate support
Implement regional protection and exclusive franchise.
According to the performance appraisal of the distribution partner, the distribution partner will implement the sales ratio rebate policy and the certain marketing promotion expense reimbursement policy.
5, product support
Regularly develop product styles to continuously meet consumer needs.