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Business Advantage

Business Advantage

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Advantages of Chuanyi Enterprise:
One of the world's largest suppliers of diatomaceous earth raw materials:
With independent mines, the highest quality diatomite reserves of nearly 100 million tons, the products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions, and have the largest production base of diatomite wall materials in the industry;
The product line is rich and widely used:
At present, the products that have been introduced to the market include filter aids, diatom mud, diatomite, diatomaceous balls, diatomaceous earth masks, modified diatom concentrate sewage treatment agents and other products;
Strong research and development capabilities:
It has the most invention patents for diatomite series products, and has been committed to research and development and promotion of diatomite series energy-saving and environmental protection products for many years.
Advantages of Chuanyi Product:
We have our own mines, we use the highest purity raw materials,
The best diatomaceous earth wall material in the production industry;
We have the most complete management system, and we use our heart to produce products that consumers can rest assured;
We have the earliest invention patents in the domestic industry. Our products have the strongest purification ability in the industry, never fade, and do not fall off.